Collection of useful conference talks

Exploring Java's Hidden Costs 360AnDev 2016 - Jake Wharton

java, dex, hashmap, nested-class

Sharper Better Faster Dagger DroidCon SF 2016 - John Rodriguez

dagger, dependency-injection, droidcon, square

See also: DIY: Build Your Own Dependency Injection Library

Common RxJava Mistakes DroidCon SF 2016 - Dan Lew

rxjava, droidcon

Mastering CoordinatorLayout Behaviors DroidCon SF 2016 - Dave Smith

coordinator-layout, ui, nested-scrolling, droidcon - Github

Advanced techniques for concurrency & memory management DroidCon SF 2016 - Nabil Hachicha

memory, threading, gc, droidcon

How the Main Thread works Droidcon NYC 2015 - Michael Bailey

thread, looper, handler, droidcon