Generate Jacoco coverage for a multi-project Gradle setup
Configuring Gradle build system to combine Jacoco and Android plugins for unit test coverage generation for multi-project setup

  May 15, 2014 -   read
  android, jacoco, coverage, robolectric, gradle, testing

An example of how to configure Jacoco task in your build.gradle to generate coverage report for a multi-project Gradle setup. The script will iterate through a set of dependencies that is manually specified and merge all .class and source files into final Jacoco report.

apply plugin: 'jacoco'

// get class dirs for project dependencies
FileTree getJacocoClassDirs(List projects) {
    def classDirs = fileTree(dir: "${buildDir}/classes/debug", exclude: '**/R*.class')
    projects.each {
        def projBuildDir = project(it).buildDir
        classDirs += fileTree(dir: "${projBuildDir}/classes/release", exclude: '**/R*.class')
    return classDirs

// get source dirs for project dependencies
FileCollection getJacocoSrcDirs(List projects) {
    Set srcDirs =
    projects.each {
        def projDir = project(it).projectDir
        srcDirs.add("${projDir}/src") // assume that android main sourceSets is here
    return files(srcDirs)

// generate coverage report for this project and all its project dependencies
task jacocoTestReport(type: JacocoReport, dependsOn: test) {
    reports {
        xml.enabled false
        csv.enabled false
        html.destination "${buildDir}/reports/coverage"

    // TODO: automatically get project dependencies recursively
    def dependencies = [] // your gradle project dependencies go here
    classDirectories = getJacocoClassDirs(dependencies)
    sourceDirectories = getJacocoSrcDirs(dependencies)
    executionData = files("${buildDir}/jacoco/testDebug.exec")
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